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  1. COY 838 - Rock Me Mama Like A Wagon Wheel
  2. COY 832 - Let It Snow
  3. COY 837 - Holly Jolly Christmas
  4. COY 822 - America The Beautiful
  5. COY 827 - Patriotic Medley
  6. COY 825 - Let It Be Me
  7. TNT 296 - Kokomo / Laventando Las Manos (Patter)
  8. TNT 311 - Jingle Bells / Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer
  9. TNT 2000 - Christmas Day / Silent Night (latter is sing-along)
  10. COY 841 - Bridge Over Troubled Water
  1. COY 858 - Joy To The World
  2. COY 832 - Let It Snow
  3. COY 838 - Rock Me Mama Like A Wagon Wheel
  4. COY 860 - Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  5. COY 837 - Holly Jolly Christmas
  6. COY 855 - Little Ole Wine Drinker Me
  7. COY 861 - This Land Is Your Land
  8. COY 857 - Show Me The Way To Go Home
  9. COY 859 - Christmas Song The
  10. TNT 297 - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
  1. COY 862 - Splish Splash
  2. TNT 219 - Happy Trails
  3. COY 807 - God Bless America
  4. COY 861 - This Land Is Your Land
  5. TNT 295 - Duelin' Banjos / Lover's Concerto
  6. COY 822 - America The Beautiful
  7. COY 838 - Rock Me Mama Like A Wagon Wheel
  8. COY 843 - This Train Is Bound For Glory
  9. TNT 139 - Shantytown
  10. TNT 240 - Dreams Come True

About Coyote Records

Coyote was one of the labels that was under the umbrella of Chaparral. Chaparral began using the Coyote Roadrunner labels in the late 70’s.  Tom Dillander bought the above labels in the late 1990’s .  There were not many releases on Coyote in the earlier history.  I could find only 5 listed.  The first callers to record on Coyote were Scott Smith, Buddy Allison, Bob Newman, Tom Roper and Bob Elling. All of the above recordings have the traditional Chaparral sound.   After Tom took over, Elmer Sheffeld, Dorothy Sanders (a round dance cuer) and myself were the only caller/cuers to record on Coyote

I began producing and recording for Coyote 2004.   In the early days of doing music, I recorded at Hank Bones' studio in Brooklyn, NY.  However, Hank decided to move to Ashville, North Carolina.  This decision of Hank's left me without a good place to record square dance music.  As luck would have it, I finally found a great studio with lots of good musicians in Tennessee so I was back in business.  I like the new sound of Coyote and I hope you do too.

As the new owner of Coyote and TNT, I thank you for buying  Coyote and TNT music.  If you have any comments, good or bad, feel free to pass them on to me.


The best to you.

Don Coy

About TNT Records

TNT records was started in the late 70’s by Mike Trombly, a caller from St. Alban’s, Vermont. Mike was probably the first square and round dance record producer to use a synthesizer as the source of music. One could say Mike is a pioneer because the synthesizer plays a big role in most of the square and round dance music recorded today.

Over the years so many great callers have recorded on TNT. Besides Mike, there have been such great callers as Gene Trimmer, Jack O’Leary, Al Brundage and many more.

TNT is also known for its classic round dance music. What round dance cuer does not use Buffy or Take One Step?

Palomino Records bought TNT in the late 90’s. After Tom Dillander took over TNT, the sound of TNT changed to a Synthesizer used along with other instruments added. I was the first to record for Tom after the takeover. The first tune I recorded for TNT with the new sound was I’ve Been Working On The Railroad. The music uses a synthesizer, banjo, Guitar and bass.

The sound changed back to the synthesizer in the mid 2000 when Tom at Palomino began using music from Hirosha Yaoko of Japan. Take a listen to all of the wonderful patter music that Hirosha has created. Callers such as myself, Jerry Jestin and Bobby Poyner have added their voices to the music of Hirosha.

As the new owner of TNT. I feel as though I now own a part of history and I promise to continue making TNT music something you would like to use.

Thank you for visiting this web page. Come back often. If you have any comments, good or bad, please feel free to get in touch with me.

Wishing you the best.

Don Coy

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